Creating growth with standard processes for an access control system and video surveillance systems.
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Acquisition Made Seamless Through Managed Services When Inheriting Someone Else’s Decisions.

Security and IT have become a ubiquitous pair which means standardizing processes for your access control system and various video surveillance systems is essential to fostering growth through acquisition. Building iron tight processes, a consistent delivery of security policies, and selecting technology solutions to be rolled out in all facilities is key.  Professional services through a managed services provider can jump-start the process for businesses as they look to acquire and even expedite the due-diligence period. You end up taking away all the ad-hoc costs by streamlining all the decisions on how systems are utilized, who fixes it, who monitors it, and the equipment that is incorporated.

A standardized security program through a managed services provider is the solution to simplify the acquisition process and facilitate growth in many ways.

Speeds up due diligence:  Standardizing your entire physical security and IT environment allows a business experiencing acquisition growth to speed up the due diligence period when all variables are known and set for all locations.

Full transparency and a reduction in costs:  Having all locations set with the same technologies for an access control system and video surveillance systems, will reduce costs across the business.  This consistency allows budgeting to become more efficient. When a device breaks or you have an IT request you work with one vendor under one service agreement. This allows for transparency in costs, across all locations.

Improves on-boarding: When standardizing security policies, the on-boarding process becomes more efficient and is expedited.  Combine everything it takes to deliver the service into one fixed monthly fee and then execute on the pre-selected equipment and features.  It doesn’t interrupt the operation of the rest of the organization because you are then essentially just tacking on one more site through approved processes and technology.

Eases the headache while reducing risk: When equipment and processes are inconsistent across locations and a device goes down it can open the door to liabilities given the amount of time it can take a technician to be scheduled, to then troubleshoot and remediate the issue.  If it is an unmanaged device, it adds another layer of issues. For example, your access control system could have had a door reader with vulnerabilities for days or even months before you discovered it, which means your facility was not secured.  A managed services provider can standardize a security program through use of remote monitoring and maintenance across all your locations. They quickly detect issues and start troubleshooting so you don’t have gaps in your security and stay in compliance.

The flip side of not investing in managed services.

Without managed physical security and standardization, you’ll invest additional time and resources into determining facility operational costs across all locations and you’ll piece together service providers, their varying service response times and service costs. In a nutshell, its an increase in cost, risk, and headaches.


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