Cloud based access control
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Cloud Based Access Control Can Foster Employees Back in the Office While Adhering to Social Distancing.

Not all employees prefer work from home scenarios and are chomping at the bit to be back in the office.  Many others may be getting remote fatigue and are hoping to have a better balance come into play.  There is something to be said for face to face collaboration (at a safe distance) and creating a proper environment in your corporate campus can be done so by leveraging your access control system. In a recent LinkedIn study, 78% of workers surveyed believe there is a need for new COVID-19 workplace policies. Creating a sound safety program with the right protocols can ease employee concerns about returning to the office. 

How to Incorporate Cloud Based Access Control into Safety Programs

Corporate campuses can reduce the amount of employees in certain areas at given times to allow them onsite while ensuring enough space to social distance.  Areas that may have previously had capacity for 100 employees may now only be able to hold 60 conducive to the 6ft separation requirement. Teams can provide a staggered reentry with designated days or times for employees to have access to their space through their access control credentials.  For example, employees that are granted permission to return Monday, Wednesday and Friday will only be able to access the building on those specific days.  By use of dual entry readers, you can further tighten the control on who is in and out in terms of employee numbers broken down by area.  

Managed Services Make Credential Management Possible

Managed services should always be incorporated into your physical security systems.  Corporate campuses have the benefit of proactive monitoring and maintenance to ensure optimal system health and full endpoint protection. Another huge benefit is the management of all moves, adds and changes to your system. This takes the credential management workload off your security team so they can focus on other priorities. Through use of dashboard reporting, all teams have complete visibility into the data from the access control system to show all employee activity and process adherence.

Take it a Step Further with Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance is another tool that can be leveraged to provide visibility into safety programs and also ensure an audit trail for employees working in the office. Footage can be accessed in real time and is stored in the cloud for easy retrieval from any location. This gives management teams the ability to visually ensure proper measures are being taken, such as maintaining a 6ft separation, masks being worn and stations wiped down. 

Consult with a Security Expert

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