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Increase Revenue with Analytics in Your Video Surveillance System

Did you know your video surveillance system can be a business differentiator?  It’s common knowledge that video surveillance systems are excellent at deterring loitering, reducing employee fraud, and improving loss prevention. However, these systems can offer so much more in this technology-based era. Analytics have been around for the last 10-15 years and originally on large servers that required big time processing and PHD’s to program and configure all the rules. Now included in the cost of a camera, these same sophisticated analytics can be turned on and leveraged in an instant without 3rd party programs, servers or PHD’s.

Surveillance systems today that are equipped with advanced analytics with pattern-based, self-learning capabilities has really opened what these systems can do to support businesses that need to have real time data.  They can bring the data centrally so decisions can be made fast and then sent out to the field for immediate action. Systems with video analytics allow many different industries a variety of real-time alerts that not only improves customer satisfaction but can also increase profits.

Get the Most of Your Video Surveillance System with Real-Time Alerts Through Managed Services

Video analytics with real-time alerts have many benefits in enhancing security and public safety concerns. Comprehensive intelligence, security, and investigative capabilities can produce instant notifications that help city officials, infrastructure planners or even law enforcement respond quickly to resolve incidences. These alerts can include traffic pattern changes, accidents, flagged license plates, or even facial recognition notifications to apprehend a suspect.

However, there are many non-security applications for video surveillance that can be exploited to achieve business goals in a variety of industries. One of these is counting and crowd management. With these alerts, management can measure the flow of people at entry or exit points with real-time or periodic reporting. Retail and entertainment industries use these alerts for people counting for line queues, concerts, and more. For example, if a line becomes too long, an alert can notify management, and they can send more staff to help customers. This rapid response improves customer satisfaction, which increases the likelihood of repeat business. Healthcare institutions also use this important metric by setting alerts to detect if a patient has been checked or to shorten emergency wait times by analyzing patient and visitor crowd counts.

Another benefit of video analytics is proactive stock checking. Management can monitor activity near displays and leverage alerts to restock high demand items. They can also increase visibility within these high traffic areas and ensure orderly displays, such as clearance racks or retail clothing piles, are neat. This always ensures a pleasant customer experience.

In scenarios with large crowds, executive staff can leverage restroom maintenance alerts. Instead of losing precious staff during busy times by periodically sending employees to check the cleanliness of the restroom, count-based alerts can dynamically identify high-traffic restrooms and prioritize cleaning based on necessity. This feature ensures that management prioritizes limited staff effectively.

Analytics From Your Video Surveillance System are the Future for Decision-Making

Video analytics continues to rapidly grow and expand in its capabilities every year. According to the Global Video Analytics Market report, video analytics will grow from $3.2 billion in 2018 to $8.6 billion by 2023. Don’t miss out on how it can help your business today.  With Star Asset Security, businesses can capitalize on this growing trend with the confidence of a team of experts.  Contact us today at or 877-801-1616 to find out more information.



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