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Does Your Multi-Tenant Building Have This High Demand Amenity?

Staying competitive in an increasingly modern renting market can be difficult. Technological amenities are in high demand since according to the market analysis the primary demographic of renters are between the ages of 20-34. These renters expect to enter, leave and welcome friends, family and delivery services into their building directly from their smart devices. Therefore, building owners and property management groups are turning to cloud access control solutions to attract tenants while acquiring critical business analytics, which allows them to stay current in a competitive market.

Why Leverage an Cloud Access Control System?

Apartment demand in the second quarter of 2019 spiked 11% from a year ago. More people are turning to renting as a more affordable housing solution. However, they are demanding more technological solutions from their multi-tenant building like an access control system.

With a cloud access control system, there is no need for a physical or master key. Tenants can access the building, elevator, and amenities all through their smart devices. Security is still at the forefront since property managers can electronically link access to specific individuals. This is helpful for granting or limiting access. This includes service providers such as cleaning crews, maintenance personnel, painters, or plumbers. A property manager no longer needs to meet a service team to give access during a specific time period. Plus, he or she can easily see who is active in the building at any given time. However, not all access control systems are alike. Having a complete service team backing, the system can provide property managers greater insights into the building to make informed decisions while taking over the customer service component.  This is where a managed services provider can amplify their experience and allow property owners to make better business decisions.

Access Control System Capabilities Are Being Revolutionized.

Many management companies are hesitant at adopting an access control system across common areas and tenant spaces. They do not typically have the bandwidth to take on the additional customer service role like being at a tenant’s beck and call who is having entrance issues. Physical security managed services providers can offer clients the ease of access control with powerful business analytic tools to completely support the property owner. A dedicated support team handles the middle of the night tenant issues, monitors alerts, and ensures the system is running correctly so the property management group can operate efficiently without adding overhead.

It doesn’t stop there. A cloud access control system delivers key analytics that allows management to make strategic decisions to benefit building operations. The access control system tracks entering and exiting of persons. This knowledge is powerful when planning renovations or routine system checks such as a fire alarm. By knowing the number of people in a building at any time, management could plan a fire alarm test during a time that would disturb the least amount of people.

Your door access control system of choice can integrate with several platforms for complete compatibility, which can provide a breadth of tech-savvy features like calendar pushes or weather notifications. All these strategic decisions catapult a multi-tenant building to become the most coveted renting prospect while receiving huge ROI. This includes capitalizing on premium renting rates (upwards of an additional $34 a month), elimination of rekeying costs, staff hourly wage savings by removing the back and forth from the leasing office, and minimizing theft and damage by controlling access to common areas.

Cloud Access Control System – A Seamless Next Step.

Star Asset Security has years of experience working with multi-tenant building owners and property management groups to plan for an access control system with growth in mind. Our analytics can help calculate new rent prices to support implementation. Let our decades of experience guide you through this process.  Learn more about how to capitalize on what an access control system can do for you at or call us at 877-801-1616.


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