Event-based video monitoring services for car dealerships.
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Who’s Securing Your Dealership While No One is There? If You’re Not Watching it, Someone Else May Be.

Video monitoring with event-based analytics is a win-win for the auto industry by allowing you to prevent crime and reduce onsite overhead in one cost-effective solution.

Given the nature of the auto dealer industry means high dollar inventory is on the premises 24/7.  It also means security is typically top of mind and if it isn’t, it should be.  It’s everyday knowledge that car dealerships are a top target for theft and malicious activity after hours.  Most dealerships would even tell you that the “after hours” are also an ideal marketing window.  The vast lot of impeccably displayed vehicles serves as an outdoor billboard for buyers who want to window shop, undisturbed.  The question then becomes, how do you manage video surveillance security with both layers at play?

The Solution is Simple with Event-Based Video Monitoring.

Event-based video monitoring is an ideal solution for dealerships that need to keep their property and valuable assets secure while also keeping a window of opportunity open for future sales. With our longstanding and extensive experience in event-based video monitoring, events can be quickly qualified as either a potential buyer or intruder.  Authorities are only dispatched in cases that pose threats. This allows auto dealerships to benefit by preventing malicious activity without the need for having guards onsite to watch surveillance and then respond in reaction to a disturbance.  Having manpower on premises also adds a layer of risk when guards or staff respond to potentially dangerous situations.

How Event-Based Video Monitoring Works.

Event-based video monitoring is a proactive approach to ensuring your dealership is secured when your staff is not there. It alleviates the challenges associated with managing it in-house with costly security guards, where human error is inevitable. More importantly, in times like this it may mean no one can be onsite to secure your dealership which can leave you subject to looters, making security even more critical.

With event-based video monitoring, virtual security guards utilize advanced technology and analytics to signal alerts based on identified thresholds to detect and deter crime.  Virtual perimeter tripwire and built in camera analytics immediately detect activity and signal alerts.  These alerts are sent directly to the monitoring station through analytics software where the activity is reviewed in real-time.  If malicious activity is at play, the highly trained security professional uses the voice down feature to mitigate the threat and only dispatches authorities if needed.

The Benefits to Auto Dealers.

It’s not always possible or economical to have security guards onsite to watch and respond to surveillance footage.  It is however critical to have your property and vehicles secured 24/7. Event-based video monitoring is not only a lower cost solution, but it also boasts the following benefits:

  • Seamlessly increase security over your inventory
  • Significantly reduce your costs by augmenting security guards and by preventing crime
  • Eliminate false positives by using a highly trained virtual guard force who can distinguish between the various the types of activity
  • Increase visibility with enhanced analytics and ensure compliance protocols are met
  • Reduce risk by removing onsite staff that could be responding to potentially dangerous situations

Cybersecurity is a critical element that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Full health checks on video surveillance devices are imperative for networks to stay secured.  Cyber-attacks have skyrocketed, and just one vulnerability in a device can expose the entire network and data can be compromised. That means customer’s personal information and proprietary data can be exposed. While the manufacture is typically responsible for the core business applications, the security of the network connectivity, workstations, and auxiliary systems still tend to fall on the dealer. Dealerships are held to compliance and regulation standards and it only takes one breach to lead to severe implications.


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