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Star Care Managed Security Services = A Change in Mindset.

The “ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality does not work in today’s world full of constantly evolving network and device vulnerabilities. If you thought we weren’t already technology and device dependent now, just buckle up for the ride ahead. Devices will continue to evolve and expand on networks so it’s crucial that you keep your environment secure through proactive measures. There is a general misperception that managed services such as, Star Care, is an extended warranty program.  Well, it’s time to throw that mentality right out the window.

If it’s not a warranty, then what is managed security services?

While it is part of the same ecosystem, Star Care managed services is more like a warranty on steroids, and then more. It’s a mindset change that takes the “you” out of it with SLA’s, health monitoring and full end-point management of your security environment. It includes dashboards and client portals, allowing the maximum level of transparency to the customer.  If you have a service agreement today, it is likely that you identify the issue and you notify the provider of the issue for a resolution.  It’s almost like a 1-800-I Need Help model.  Chances are that by the time you have identified the issue, the time for resolution has already been prolonged.

Star Care flips the mentality from a reactive to a proactive approach allowing managed services providers to do more remotely with automation and technology, without the increased overhead with dedicated staff.  As the internet landscape rapidly changes and IoT expands on networks, the importance of increasing your physical security and cyber security posture to prevent vulnerabilities is critical.

A proactive approach.

In the managed physical security world, vulnerabilities = it’s broken.  Star Care takes on the ownership of all successes and failures within your physical security environment.  The model applies an IT-centric approach to proactively monitor and maintain the health and operational efficiency of the system devices across all locations and network by providing complete end-to-end management 24/7/365.

Star Care uses a framework of people, process and advanced technology with automation to deliver the highest level of service.  If a device goes down or has vulnerabilities, the managed services provider is alerted in real time through the advanced tools and technology in place. Tickets are triaged accordingly, and the team quickly begin to troubleshoot remotely, dispatching technicians only if needed.

Seamless end-to-end device management.

When is the last time you updated your software and firmware for all operational devices sitting on your network?  Far too often companies don’t keep up with these critical firmware updates for various reasons, such as its time prohibitive because the team is focused on other high priority items or they are concerned for what it would do to the network.  Outdated software and hardware significantly increase vulnerabilities in your network, snowballing into risk and liabilities within the business.

Most IT departments lack visibility into the necessary updates that become available from manufactures.  Star Care provides customers with a single-pane view so they will always know where they stand on critical software patches and firmware updates required to remediate security vulnerabilities. These updates are seamlessly rolled out at the appropriate time by the managed services provider.  Star Care includes management and standardization of all programming to ensure the customer stays in compliance. Customers receive ongoing proactive monitoring for device health, infections and malicious activity.

A cost-effective solution.

Not only does Star Care increase your security but it reduces the cost associated with managing in-house.  If managed internally, added headcount is required, especially when a company has multiple locations across a large footprint.  Regardless of the size and number of locations, a managed services provider leans on processes set in place, automation and advanced technology to remotely monitor and manage your security.  This model not only reduces internal costs but provides a ROI by providing the highest uptime possible and reducing costly downtime.


Star Care managed security services provides customized dashboards with real time data and enhanced reporting, allowing for increased visibility into operations and your security environment.  Advanced analytics provide a transparent view of the system health, issues that may have occurred and the actions taken to remediate them.

How important it is to have your service up?  It’s a safe bet that most departments, if not all, see service as critical with downtime causing an increase in risk, liabilities and loss in profits.


At Star Asset Security, one of our core values is to think outside the box so we can put together creative solutions to help our customers solve problems, drive their business forward and enhance their physical security and IT networks. Visit to learn more today.

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