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Physical Security Can Remain Unaffected When Incorporating Flexible Work Environments.  A Video Monitoring Service is the Solution.

Flexible work environments are becoming increasingly prevalent and may soon be commonplace for many businesses across a wide array of industries.  While brick and mortar locations are still critical to business operations, there are ways you can offer flexible environments while keeping physical security a top priority.

Keeping your physical location secured with a video monitoring service using event-driven analytics.

Leveraging a video monitoring service that uses event-driven analytics is a proactive solution to alleviate the need for additional overhead onsite to ensure materials, assets, and people stay secured.  CCTVs surveillance systems are equipped with event-based analytics to detect activity using trip wire and pre-determined thresholds for each business.  Once activity is detected, an alert is sent through analytics software to our virtual security guard force where they immediately start investigating into the activity to determine if it is a threat.  With the voice-down feature, we can speak directly to potential intruders to mitigate threats and dispatch authorities only when necessary.  Generally, it takes over a minute for an intruder to make their way on to a property, use brute force to enter the facility and then carry out malicious activity.  Star Asset Security has an average response time of 20 seconds and we are on the case before an incident has time to occur.  Customers that utilize the voice down feature deter over 90% of incidents from happening.

Reduce costs, increase productivity and provide flexibility with an event-based video monitoring service.

Event-based video monitoring for 24/7 security of your physical locations means your business no longer requires shifts of security guards or staff rotating in throughout the day to meticulously watch screens or investigate footage.  It reduces risk and liability for your business by not putting staff in harm’s way when they address potentially dangerous activities.  Event-based video monitoring also allows for flexibility in the team, so they can focus on other priorities while providing a total security solution for your business and employees.  This cost-effective solution provides an immediate return on your investment by augmenting current security guard expenses and by reducing the costs associated with the inevitable human error. Businesses can then shift this cost savings into other areas of the business to support growth goals.

Virtual security guard services also include a virtual concierge to facilitate access to ensure all entrance and exit points are secured 24/7.  With this solution, there is no need to have an influx of staffing onsite to provide access, restrict access and to also facilitate a successful acceptance of all deliveries. Businesses can eliminate the cost associated with packages being sent back and process delays due to lack of onsite coverage to accept these important shipments.

Virtual guard tours can be routinely scheduled to provide an extra layer of security and visibility over the facility without the need for having a guard or employee walk the perimeter and check all access points.  Virtual security guards remote in through CCTVs to check all areas simultaneously so there is no need to be at the physical premise.  Virtual patrol checks are another way to increase productivity within your team and allow for flexible work environments while not compromising the security of your facility or campus.

As the work landscape evolves, Star Asset Security continues to stay a step ahead and provide solutions to customers to allow for dynamic and flexible environments to increase growth and productivity.  One of our core values is to think outside the box so we can put together creative solutions to help our customers solve problems, drive their business forward and enhance their physical security and IT networks. Visit to learn more today.

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