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The Top 4 Important IT & Security Options to Foster Flexible Environments.

In the evolving world of remote and flexible work environments, there are typically two questions on the top of every business leaders’ mind. How do you provide remote accommodations while keeping operations running smoothly?  With a background in security and managed services for seamless solutions, we have provided the top four areas to consider for your business to navigate the changing landscape in the workforce.  Getting your plans and technology right gives you the flexibility and allows you to even increase business operations capabilities and efficiency.

  1. Leveraging a cloud-based architecture for daily operations:  A cloud-based architecture provides immediate business continuity and allows you to operate at full capacity from any location. Employees continue to have access to business communication platforms and applications required to perform daily operations without needing to be in a physical office setting.  This allows employees to significantly increase efficiencies by staying connected “online”.
  2. Consolidating servers and networks: The concept of virtualization and the consolidation of networks, applications and servers has been around for quite some time and is an ongoing practice leveraged by many organizations and industries. Virtualizing servers that house email, authentication, files, and application servers is a wise shift. Not only does it serve as a disaster recovery plan, but it provides a higher utilization rate and reduces hardware costs, therefore allowing your business to recoup certain expenditures which can shift into other areas of the business. Remote administration and ease of deploying disaster recovery is an added benefit contributing to increased business continuity.
  3. Significantly increase cybersecurity: Cyber-attacks are prevalent across all industries and these attacks continue to skyrocket as cyber criminals are constantly trying to stay a step ahead. This is especially important when navigating a state of change. It is undeniably critical to stay vigilant and on high alert for phishing scams and threats. Cybersecurity software and tools can be quickly deployed to provide proactive monitoring of your devices to detect threats that can be attempting to penetrate your network. Cyber hardening is critical for business, no matter how large or small.  In this current IT dependent world, everyone needs to take it seriously or they can put their operation at greater risk.
  4. Remote managed services: Remote managed services provide advanced technical support and proactive maintenance for operational systems and workstations to bolster business processes for various departments. It enables your business to be dynamic and provides smooth and consistent management of all systems and operational processes to provide the highest possible uptime. 

At Star Asset Security, one of our core values is to think outside the box so we can put together creative solutions to help our customers solve problems, drive their business forward and enhance their physical security and IT networks. Visit to learn more today.

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